The mobile advertising business has flourished over the past decade. Smart phones and tablets have played the role of a catalyst in this boom. With the mass majority of application on Google and Apple app store and how such apps have become a vital part of our daily routine, it has become practically impossible to avoid ads. However, it is important to not only identify but to have sufficient knowledge about different types of ads that marketing agencies use in their advertising campaigns.

Banner Ads: Probably the most common type of ad that any application has is a banner ad. Utilizing the top or bottom space of the screen, banner ads use text and graphics to capture the audience. Since they have a small space, these kinds of ads tend to rely on brand recognition.

Video Ads: Although the concept behind a video ad is pretty simple, the execution of such ads is rather complicated. This is because they are basically videos that are played either at the start of the application or while the customer is interacting with the application. The point at which the video is played is the key factor in either making or breaking the application. Such ads pose a threat to make negative impact on customers, especially if played while the customer is using the application.

Interstitial Ads: Ads that are displayed at full screen are called interstitial ads. They are commonly used between the levels of a game and give the choice to the user to either return to the application or continue to the destination of the ad. Since they are displayed at full screen, interstitial ads have larger size and they require a better internet speed as compared to other ads. Generally, applications are required to load these ads in advance so that the ads are ready to be displayed at any given time.

Native Ads: These are special ads which are designed in such a way that they don’t really portray the image of an ad. This is done by copying the format of the original application and then integrating it with the publisher’s application. Due to the fact that they have a similar platform of the original application, these ads normally have a good ratio of converted audience.

Ad Wall: The type of advertisement which displays different banners from various marketers at the same time is known as Ad Wall. Developers use Ad Walls when they have to display multiple offers at the same time on one screen. Ad Walls are most commonly used as an in-app advertisement and developers generally introduce them in level breaks.

Click to Action Ads: Such types of ads have a pre-determined log built within them and are dependent upon the action of the customer. A few examples of click to action ads include click to download, click to call and click to email. Once you click on the offer button on such ads, the program will open a new window with relevant information and instructions about further actions.

Latest Update: Aug 11, 2017