Most game application developers that are beginners have this wrong belief that when it comes to publishing their games on iOS AppStore and Android PlayStore, all they need to do is spend some time on these platforms and they are good to go. They are unaware of the fact that publishing a gaming application is something that involves a lot of tactical decisions for success to be guaranteed.

This article will help give you an edge over others as you will be well -equipped with knowledge of what makes a game successful during publishing. Some important point to consider before publishing your game are listed below.

What Are Their Approval Processes?
This is very important as your gaming application could be rejected by these publishing platforms if you don’t take this into serious consideration. You need to ensure that you have followed all their stated rules and guidelines concerning developing and publish a gaming application. One issue that you have to pay close attention to, in this regard, is piracy.

Some valuable elements that will help your game be successful:

• Ideal time to launch your application is towards the end of the week (Thursday afternoon is considered to be a good time!)
• Use ProGuard on your app, this will optimize, shrink and obfuscate your code which is very useful for curtailing thieves.
• Image optimization
• Optimize your layout to better fit all screen sizes.
• Use analytics for future tools
• Ask people to test the game before launching
• Publish the application before addition of all features to leave flexibility
• Add “More Apps” button to accommodate ads
• Add a “feedback” section to give users the ability to suggest more features
• Use the game with different versions and emulator
• Try using a catchy name for the game, to ensure users are curious
• Add keywords in the game description
• Ensure you give the game 5 stars to encourage other users to do the same
• Add advertising to your game, by using ConsoliAds for optimized add hosting
• Add a “tips” or “instructions” tab to your game to make it more user friendly
• Keep your Key Store safe with you, you are required to have it if you want to update the game
• Add a clear icon that is very easy to understand and remember, it is vital for the user experience.

Latest Update: Aug 11, 2017