There are plenty of companies in the world making huge money from their mobile games, but things are not that easy as they were back in 2008-9. With more competition, the margins have gone down as consumers have a lot of options to pick and choose their games from.
Having said that if you’re making great games, all you need is a pertinent strategy for monetization. In this article we will be focusing on different aspects of how to maximize the revenue and translate the time user spends on your game into dollars.

Purchased downloads vs Free- to-Play
The first question to answer towards monetization of your mobile game starts with which category you choose – Premium-pay-per-download, or the more popular Free-to-play category?
With the premium category, you don’t have as many downloads, but you do earn through each download. More importantly, you only receive 70% whereas Google/Apple receives 30%.
With such games, make sure that the games are bug free as bad reviews will have a huge negative impact on sales.
If you do decide to go with the Free-to-play model, the methods to generate revenue are listed below:

In App purchases
A very direct and easy way to make money off of your game is to offer in-app purchases for the users. But before opting for this strategy, you must determine how in app purchases will be managed- through power, lives or achieving different levels?

Ad Revenue
This method is the quickest and the best to earn some money. The idea is to host ads, that are the most efficient in terms of not disrupting play but also enough that it catches the gamers attention.
To best use this strategy you’ll need to be well informed about the different ad sizes and their potential revenue generation.

Mobile Advertising Platforms
There are plenty of mobile advertising platforms that offer high fill rates and eCPMs. If you don’t already use one, ConsoliAds can help. You can integrate all the top platforms in your game all at once to best suit your requirements.
Remember this strategy is only successful if you have high numbers of downloads per day, and over all. Marketing plays a huge role in this. The best bet is to use paid campaigns so that your level of promotion is high at the very get go. Remember: more downloads, more impressions, more screenplay all equals to more revenue.

More downloads – ASO & Paid Strategies
With millions of apps in diverse app stores, getting your game discovered is a tough issue. If you belong to mobile app space, it is necessary to understand a range of methods for promoting your app. You might try App Store Optimization (ASO) in order to have a hassle-free experience.
The visibility of the game can also be increased with paid campaigns; this helps you get quick traction at the time of launch. This is also an area where ConsoliAds can help you get the most economical installs.

Latest Update: Aug 11, 2017